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To order, just send* your files at any time. We will call to confirm your order and obtain payment details.


* Without any obligation! No payment information is requested in this website. You approve the final details and payment after we confirm that the files we received can deliver the quality that you deserve (if not, we can help you).

 Easy File Upload

Just point to a file that you wish to upload from your computer using the  button below. Then press the "EZ Upload" button.
1. Enter Filename: 

2. Press here**     >>>                               


  • **Pressing "EZ Upload", will begin the upload of the file selected above. 
  • You can send us some information about your order in the form that will appear right after the file transfer is completed. File transfer time will vary depending on file size and connection speed.***
  • You will also be able to send additional files. 
  • Please note that while we have a wide range of fonts, you may want to include the specific fonts used in your files. We accept files for PC and Mac computers. Adobe PDF files are welcome. However, feel free to send a file in its native format.

Feel free to contact us at 866-477-1777
or by email if you need any assistance.


***Please wait for the form to appear. Very large files are accepted by our system, even if it takes you hours to upload. If it takes more than 2 hours, send us an email so that we can monitor its progress for you (monitoring by us may be available as late as 10:00 P.M. Pacific.)